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Difference Between Barcode Printer and Thermal Printer

Although both these printing machines are utilized for printing tags and barcodes, it is quite different from one another. Both these machines function on the basis of different methods and mechanisms. Some of the major differences are mentioned below.

Heat sensitive paper: The thermal label printing machine function with the use of heat sensitive paper which is passed through the thermal head. This initiates the printing process. These machines have an in-built computer with a display screen and keyboard. Barcode printers are simple printers which print barcodes on products. It includes an arrangement of lines which can be read by a scanner.

Printing barcodes: Barcode printing machines are mainly used to print barcodes where as thermal printers can be used to print barcodes, labels, credit card receipts and so forth. Label printing machines are used for a wide variety of purposes in addition to printing barcodes and tags.

Today most of the print machines include thermal printers as it is efficient and produces clear prints. There are mainly two types of thermal print machines which include the thermal transfer printer and the direct thermal printer. The direct thermal printing machine functions when the coated thermal paper is heated. Image is produced when the thermal coating turns black. These machines are mostly used in scanning machines.

The thermal transfer print machine is used for printing barcodes and tags. Most of the modern barcode printers are thermal printers as it gives durable printed products quickly and quietly. Most of these machines function efficiently and produce less noise. Thermal barcode printers can be used to print tags, barcodes and paper tags on a huge variety of products. These print machines are used in most of the places as it produces tags and barcodes which remain intact even with extreme exposure to chemicals and sunlight.

Today there are different types of thermal label printing machines available in many of the online and offline stores. Most of these print machines are easy to operate and create clear tags and barcodes. There are portable thermal printers available in many of the online stores too. These light weight printers can be used for office and business use. It can also be used by researchers to print readings and so forth. Portable machines are quite popular these days as it can be found in shopping malls, commercial centers and shops to print tags and receipts.

As there are different types of print machines, it is necessary to have adequate knowledge pertaining to the product, its features, advantages and disadvantages before purchasing it.

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