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by:Sycda     2020-09-07

Aside from promising the elimination of paper receipts, the concept of thermal printers brings a lot of changes to your business. It gets rid of the need to replace your printer ink as often as you need to. What you need to invest on is a cheaper thermal paper that is widely needed in the process. Epson printers must have seen the need to provide your businesses with better options. This led to the company's very own innovation on thermal POS printers.

Recent Innovations in Epson Thermal POS Printers

Epson printers made a line of thermal POS printers to assure you that you have the options depending on your business needs. All these printer models have distinct characteristics over that of the other but they basically contain the same advantages and conveniences that your businesses want to achieve. These printers assure to carry the heaviest printing loads and are quieter than the then very popular dot-matrix printers. Here are some of the most recent innovations in the world of Epson Thermal POS Printers:

1.TM-T88IV Receipt Printer. This printer is considered as the most recent member to the world of Epson POS printers. This is said to be the best selling among the printers listed in the TM-T88 series. With 25% faster printing options than its peers, you will surely consider investing on this gadget. More of its capabilities are seen in its two-color features and its promises of printing both text and graphics at the same pace. You can get this gadget at a price of $329.

2.TM-T88IV ReStick Liner-free Label Printer. This addition to the TM-T88IV series provides other solutions to your businesses. This is actually a combination of a label and receipt printer. Groceries, retail stores and services will surely love this product. This Epson thermal printer can be yours for only $300.

3.TM-T90 Receipt Printer. This Epson thermal printer is reliable most especially in business environments where high-volume printing is required. It offers a wide array of advantages like faster speed and cost-effective graphics printing. In fact, you get your receipts printed in as fast as 6.69 inches per second. With a paper roll of four-inch diameters, frequent paper changes will no longer a problem. This item costs somewhere in between $345 to $355.

4.TM-L90 Label and Barcode Printer. Just like the TM-T88IV series, the TM-T90 also has a label printer version to offer to the public. This printer handles paper width ranging from 1.50, 2.36 and 2.75 inches to as high as 3.14 and 3.53 inches. It is connected to your PC through a USB port. Investing on one of these thermal printers will cost you $385 to $485.

5.M-VT101 Card Printer. POS printers also operate for the purpose of card printing. Epson printers provide you with this particular model to help you print loyalty cards, tickets and coupons for your avid patrons. It offers high printing resolutions together with a guide for easier card insertion.

These Epson thermal POS printers are indeed great options for your businesses. You will certainly want to have one of these models in your companies. Make sure that you pick one that is ideal for your business operations.

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