Address and shipping labels are big time saver

by:Sycda     2020-10-01

Save Time with Pre-printed Labels

Whether you operate a mail-order business or simply have a lot of business correspondence to address each day, ordering pre-printed labels will save time. With pre-printed labels you can order return address labels that come with all of your company's information, including any logo or trademark that you use. If you have steady clients that you ship to regularly, you can also order pre-printed shipping labels that include both the receiver's address and your return address.

Self-adhesive labels are available as sheets or rolls, making it easy to quickly label all of your business mail. You can even order coloured labels and labels that come pre-printed with words such as 'fragile' or 'this end up' for when you're mailing packages. Having all of your labels printed and ready to go makes addressing large quantities of mail go quickly.

Order in Bulk to Save Money

If your company is looking to save money on shipping expenses, consider ordering your labels in bulk. If you can order directly from the manufacturer as opposed to a printing company, you can save even more money. When you order from a printing company you will be charged more because they need to offset the cost of ordering from the manufacturer. If you order directly from the manufacturer, there are no third-party fees involved.

Label companies will often provide a bulk discount to consumers, but the minimum order amount will vary amongst suppliers. You can save even more money if you order blank address and shipping labels in bulk and print out what you need from your office printer. The labels available today are compatible with most printers, although glossy labels may not work well with inkjet printers.

Once you establish a relationship with a supplier, you may even get offered special discounts when the company discontinues carrying a certain label or has extra stock they need to sell. While it may be hard for a small business to switch over from the traditional way of handwritten addresses, taking advantage of self-adhesive address labels can free up time that is better used at promoting the business. And, your professional looking packages and letters will show customers you are a professional organisation, too!

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