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by:Sycda     2020-09-17

Acrylic adhesives are resistant to oil, gasoline and can withstand very high temperatures. As acrylic materials adhere very easily to a variety of surfaces they are used in vast application areas.

This kind of adhesive is sold in a liquid or paste form. Sometimes it is also sold as a tape. Usually the tape is a roll of pressure sensitive material. The properties of this adhesive is such that it can be used for permanent binding or can be allowed to be removed.

By modifying the acrylic adhesive compound, a wide range of adhesives can be produced and used for various purposes. Acrylics usually require a setting time or curing time of 24 hours. During this curing time or settling time the adhesion between surfaces gradually increases. This is inversely proportional to the temperature. So at high temperature, curing time will be less and vice versa.

Applying acrylic adhesive is a two part process. First you need to apply the initiator on one the surface to be adhered and then the bonding agent to the other surface. The two surfaces are then held in place by clamping them together for at least 24 to 48 hours so as to allow time for curing. There is another way to do the binding. You could mix the initiator and the bonding agent together before applying it to the surfaces.

Once two surfaces are bound together using acrylic, the adhesive should be able to withstand fluctuating temperatures, UV as well as humidity. The binding surface should be able to resist solvents. All these properties are present in acrylic adhesives and therefore these adhesives are usually preferred for outdoor applications. They used to bond metals and plastics together as well as to rubber and ceramics. They can also be used for bonding plastics to one another, or to metals, glass, wood or paper. These are sometimes used in paper packaging materials for attaching labels. Sometimes with a slight modification in their properties, these can be used in medical treatments to bond tissues in our body during surgery.

For removing or separating surfaces that are bound using these adhesives, a special type of removal adhesive is used. This removal adhesive breaks the bonds in the adhesive without damaging the surfaces.

Acrylic adhesives are transparent, colorless, liquids or pastes. Since they adhere readily to different surfaces, including glass, wood etc. they are used mostly in pressure sensitive adhesives. They are also used as adhesive material in packaging because of their good age resistance.

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