Ah sewing. Sewing is a much-underappreciated forgotten

by:Sycda     2020-09-20

Don't get me wrong, I do know how to sew and I think I might actually like doing it, but in the time it takes for me to sew custom patches, garment labels, clothes labels, clothing tags, or emblems, I could have already plugged in the iron and ironed my labels onto my surface, while the sew label is still waiting to be stitched. However, here are a few reasons why sew labels can never be completely taken out of the equation.

Sew labels are a huge contribution to the textile manufacturing industry. Nowadays, we have companies that are in need of green labels to show their more eco friendly approach, even going to the extent of using an eco-friendly patch as an emblem of their dedication to 'go green.' Sew labels can be environmentally friendly when considering the decreased use of electricity and water. This 'green' attraction may cause thousands of ecofriendly companies to order sew labels as opposed to iron-on.

PVC labels or Polyvinyl Chloride labels are made with the idea that they must be sewn on. Considered a type of sew label, PVC labels are created with a channel that runs around the perimeter of the label, called a 'stitch ditch' to make sewing easier for the recipient or themselves.

Rubber labels are also made with sewing in mind. You obviously cannot iron on a rubber label, and so they too are made with a 'stitch ditch' around the perimeter of the label for easier sewing. Rubber labels are also known to have a heat or sticker adhesive, if available. Because some applications may not have this heat or sticker option, sewing the rubber label is the best bet and the cheaper more efficient way to go.

So, sew labels can never really become extinct. For those of us that are definitely not sewing veterans, but have some experience in the art of needle and thread, we recognize the occasional need for the sew label in the custom label industry, but we are truly grateful for our iron-ons.

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