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by:Sycda     2020-09-02

It is estimated that nearly 9% of the average retail store's returns are fraudulent. That is approximately $90 of fraud returns, if customers return $1,000 worth of product to a business in a day. That number will not reflect every business accurately, as many businesses have much lower return fraud numbers, but it does paint an image of the realities of return fraud. Restaurant Point of Sale Systems has a number of features to help business owners track return statistics. These statistics can be tracked and reviewed on a regular basis to reduce fraud and employee theft. To all functions on a retail system, password protection features can also be implemented to ensure that not all associates have access. Privileges can be taken away in the system as a proactive measure, if an employee is suspected of processing fraud returns.

For each purchase, Restaurant cash register Software allows stores to generate digital receipts. One method of return fraud is when an item is stolen and then returned. Digital receipts are the best way to ensure that the product was in fact purchased by reducing the chances of a fake receipt. Each sale has both a physical receipt and a paper receipt. Through the Restaurant Point of Sale Systems with a digital receipt, a customer who shows up at store without a paper receipt can be verified. Without a receipt, this ensures that no customer can show up with a fake receipt or pester an employee into processing a return.

It is not uncommon for even the smallest of local businesses to have more than one retail location and businesses are growing faster than ever. Restaurant POS Software makes the job much easier although communication between stores is key. Each night POS software will poll across all locations, allowing all stores to know what is going on. It can be too easy for an individual to take something from one store and try to return it at another. Between locations and all information transferred between stores, which ensure communication is at its best, digital receipts can be shared. Loss prevention requires the coordination of a number of tools and resources to work together towards a common goal. Thieves are always one-step ahead of businesses, but there are methods for business owners to ensure they do everything they can to reduce losses. One of the best measures to reduce fraud returns is up-to-date Restaurant cash register Software. In the loss prevention belt, the best Restaurant cash register Software is a great tool.

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