Although, throughout their college career, students

by:Sycda     2020-08-31

These various areas of necessary expertise should consistently be touched upon regardless of whether the individual decides upon a major in theatre, a major in accounting or a major in sociology. There is no difference; the skills are needed nevertheless. Below, you will find some facets that all college students, prior to going out into the working world should obtain and the reasons as to why being more than competitive at these skills is of the utmost importance.

The Benefits That Come Along With Superb Writing Skills

Since the majority of today's correspondence is done through email, writing has become just as important as verbal business communication; maybe more important. Therefore, universities have to stress that each written assignment, regardless of the topic, be nothing short of perfect upon receipt.

Students, before graduating, should be able to write quickly, show near perfect grammar and be able to persuade via their use of words. Otherwise, they will have to learn on the job and this will cost them in a variety of ways.

Basic Accounting - Concept of Debt, Excel

Before an university puts their students out into the 'real world,' all students should have a firm grasp on the malicious effects of debt, how to balance their finances using very basic credit and debit features that are available through Microsoft Excel and the students should know the basic investment tools that adults use such as buying fixed income or equity. I can't an exception as if a theatre major hits it big, he or she is going to quickly have to be accustomed to these investment mediums.

Additionally, students should be aware of the difference between 'good debt' and 'bad debt.' For instance, all graduates should know that, economically, buying a car that you cannot afford is a terrible mistake due to quick and unrelenting depreciation. The same stands for televisions and other toys alike.

Clear Understanding of What the Working World Is All About

The people who make very good livings are not the type of people who come into work at 9 a.m. and swiftly leave at 5 p.m. 'I can't wait until happy hour,' is not a phrase that leaves their mouth. Unfortunately, only some graduates are aware of this and the universities are seemingly not putting enough emphasis on the true meaning and the true value of hard work.

Colleges need to convey the fact that a college degree no longer guarantees somebody gainful, lucrative employment nor does a MBA or law degree. Instead, a degree has become a necessity and it must be combined with hard work, quick problem solving skills and solid persuasion techniques in order for that piece of paper to open doors and to be monetized to its fullest extent.

Presentation Skills with Use Of PowerPoint

Upon going into any meeting, whether the meeting is sales related, marketing related or other, presentation skills should be stressed throughout a student's education. Since giving presentations and speaking to the public (large or small groups) can prove to be overwhelming to any professional, all students in all majors should continually have to stand and speak in front of crowds.

Failure to make the students accustomed to this practice can have exceedingly negative effects on their after college job search, the compensation they are offered per job as well as on their performance upon being hired by a company.

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