argued adulteration of the 'receipt' stating that

by:Sycda     2020-09-09

Subject to survey the disputed documents, the handwriting expert appointed by the court could only positive in order to verify the authenticity of the same, that firms are embedded in both the performer's here .... He said, however: 'the irregularities' (paper cuts, placement of text relative to the cutting location of the signature on the text) 'not common in transactions of this nature especially considering the amount of the same 'adding that the irregular cuts to mention almost certainly mean that the media was originally of greater extent' and that based on his experience ..., opined that 'features similar to those found on receipts are compatible with operations use of pre-existing firms .

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Faced with the foregoing, it can assign a different dimension to that arises from such expert conclusions, namely that from the standpoint of technical-scientific cannot reach a conclusion assertive about the authenticity of the receipt together.

Here it is recalled that the expert evidence must be analyzed according to the rules of sound criticism and is the judge who ultimately, we must determine the 'legal value' such document may have.

In this direction, it is clear that the irregularities identified by the expert appointed by the court cannot be valued separately from the conclusions drawn in the same sense that the technical consultant for the plaintiff when he says that those deficiencies are technically own documentaries, common and customary in maneuvers using existing firms or to secede from the procedural conduct of the run - as an item of evidence - and being able to provide evidence in order to authenticity of the bills failed to do so citing the narrow view of knowledge of executive and openly resisted the opening test (see fest. ...).

And if the rules of sound criticism must be understood as those that are advised by the good sense applied with straight criteria drawn from logic, based on science, experience and observation to discern the true from the false, the evidence above and so valued, lead me to believe that these charges are accompanied by appropriate documents ... not for credit the proposed debt cancellation for signs of tampering that challenge the legal presumption of authenticity that would emanate from the judicial verification of the firm. If the above are added that even if the bill is considered authentic copy of which work to fest. ... This does not specify the currency which is delivered and the imputation 'building mortgage' appears consigned to the side and not the firm is to add value to the document and so does the receipt of fest. ...

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