As we all know, the MLA Works Cited Page provides

by:Sycda     2020-09-21

General Guidelines:

These general guidelines are indeed very helpful when it comes to authoring academic papers such as term paper, research paper, thesis, essay, and any other types of scholarly documents. In addition, these could also guide you write the various elements of works cited properly and accurately. Be reminded that not all the elements usually mentioned when it comes to citation are necessary for all types of references, and it doesn't necessarily mean that those said elements will going to appear in the typical order for the various citations.

Some bonus little helpful cues to put in mind is that when preparing a literature cited page, you must only provide those references that you actually and honestly utilized during the writing process. A lot of students jot down random sources just to appear like they had used many sources and this is a common and very wrong act. Do not include references that you have not utilized because this is one of the reasons why many students fail their writing task. If you are thinking instructors don't check whether the sources you listed are authentic or not, then you are thinking wrong! They are good in checking whether the sources listed are utilized or not.

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