Carbonless paper or NCR paper are becoming the

by:Sycda     2020-08-28

In the past time carbon paper are used to make the multiple copies of the exact or typed document. It saved the time and we didn't need to type the exact document again and again. They were basically used in work orders, inventory sheets, accounting, delivery slips, billing, purchasing orders and many more. But now a day this method is replaced by the forms. Carbonless copy is more popular over the carbon printing paper due to its broad features.

Carbon paper use the dry ink while NCR paper don't use it, That is why it does not leave any kind of stains on the duplicate copies of the document.NCR paper produces more copies with high resolution, although the number of copies are too much. Carbonless form produces the full color form and carbonless products. It is an eco friendly paper which also helps in preventing the global warming. NCR does mean No carbon required. NCR paper also helping in producing the quality and quantity product to its customer compared to carbon paper.

Carbonless form can only not help to enhance your sales but also can increase your Return on Investment. Modern carbonless products are produced any part of form which are basically classified in the following ways.

2-part forms- :2-part forms are like you would need to ask the printer to make 2 copies to produce the white page and the yellow page. Any one, together, and all combination of these pages make the 2 part form. This type of forms can be numbered sequentially if desired. .

3-part forms :-3-part forms or NCR(No carbon required) are like One ream of 3-part NCR paper contains loose following the sequence white, yellow, pink, white, yellow, pink. They are basically use to avoid the carbon paper. A set of these types of form consist top white sheet with other tinted under sheets.

4-part forms:-4-part forms are like one ream of 4-part NCR paper contains loose following the sequence white/yellow/pink/gold. These are like business forms, credit note and other types of form where we need one or multiple copies of document.

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