CD business cards are the latest craze. They are

by:Sycda     2020-09-30

CD business cards are powerful marketing and presentation tools and offer a professional and stylish image for any business. Weighing approximately one ounce, CD business cards provide an economical addition to brochures, sales literature, catalogues and much more.

You can have duplication of 100 discs up to large runs of hundreds of thousands of discs per order depending on the customer's needs. The companies provide quick turn-around times and offer artwork and disc mastering services. Duplication means the discs are duplicated CD-R business cards with printed labels. The data is burned onto the disc using duplication towers. It is best to use non-fade archival inks on high-quality thin photo-quality labels for disc label printing. The labels should not fade, smudge, or come off. Discs are inserted into clear plastic sleeves.

Replication is the process of transferring Pre-Mastered data format to a glass master. The glass master is then made into a Stamper, which is ultimately used in production. The Stamper is placed into our high-speed injection moulded, which creates complete digitized data CD business cards. DVD business cards are silkscreen printed on the disc face.

Standard packaging is insertion into clear plastic sleeves. The sleeves come in sheets of 10 per sheet. Sleeve separation can be done at the plant upon request for $0.03 each. Other packaging options such as mini-jewel cases and cardboard mailers or wallets are available.

Want to make a few copies of a CD or DVD? Just use the burner on your PC. But producing hundreds or thousands of copies would take countless hours. Make the smart choice - turn to a professional CD DVD Duplicator production expert that can have your media mass-produced in a matter of days.

Duplication and replication services use high-tech equipment to copy your video, audio, or data files to CDs and DVDs. The equipment monitors the process, guaranteeing that each copy is an exact replica of the master with no errors. CD DVD duplication vendors can print artwork onto the discs, customize the packaging, and ship the finished products to your office or customers.

While the finished product may be the same to the end user, there are two different ways to produce multiple copies. Duplication burns the data onto a recordable disc's surface, while replication uses a glass master to stamp the data onto discs. Duplication is generally used for small print runs of 500 to 1,000. Once you need more than 1,000 copies, it becomes more cost effective to replicate your discs.

Any business needing fast, accurate CD or DVD production can benefit from duplication and replication services. Film producers, video game developers, musicians, software manufacturers, graphic designers, marketing companies, and professional speakers rely on these services to create discs for sale, direct mail, and distribution.

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