Climate change, pollution and rampant irresponsible

by:Sycda     2020-09-01

Saving Water

Water is vital: without it, we can't survive on this planet. Potable water must be conserved at all costs, and this can be done simply. Check around your home to ensure that any of your faucets aren't leaking, and practise saving water by developing good habits. Turn off the tap whilst brushing teeth, make showers quicker, take fewer baths, and install low-flow shower heads and toilet fixtures in every lavatory.


Our urban landfills are full of items that could have been re-used or recycled. By recycling items such as tin cans, paper, cardboard, and plastic bottles, we reduce the amount of rubbish in landfills and also reduce the amount of materials being used to manufacture new things. Make sure to keen a bin for recyclable materials handy in your home, so you don't forget!

Cut Down on Energy Consumption

Everyone knows that fossil fuels emit the majority of the carbon emissions, or greenhouse gases, and other pollutants. Fossil fuels power our society, so by reducing the usage of these dirty fuels, we reduce carbon and other emissions. Reduce your energy consumption by engaging in energy-saving practises, such as switching to compact fluorescent bulbs and setting your water heater, air conditioning and heating units to more energy-efficient temperatures.

Reduce Driving

Our love for our cars has become one of our biggest environmental problems: the carbon monoxide from the patrol burned by our vehicles accounts for more than half of all emissions of this dangerous gas. By taking public transport or carpooling, you can significantly reduce your petrol consumption and, therefore, carbon monoxide contribution. This also encourages more efficient fuel consumption, traffic, and less waste than simply driving yourself

Purchase Energy-Efficient Appliances

Buying an Energy-Star rated appliance, such as a refrigerator or washing machine, can dramatically reduce your home energy bill-and thus decrease the amount of fossil fuels burned to manufacture that energy. Not only do you do your pocketbook a favour, you do Mother Earth one, as well.

No More Plastic Grocery Bags!

Those plastic bags they give you at the market take years and years to decompose in landfills, not to mention that some emit toxic chemicals as they decay-if they decay at all! Choose a more eco-friendly option by bringing your own canvas or net bag with you next time you go shopping.

Stop the Paper Trail!

One very simple way to behave in a more environmentally-conscious manner is to reduce your 'paper trail.' Trees are one of the main ways that carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is reduced. Trees take CO2 and make it into oxygen, effectively scrubbing the air. When you stop using so much paper, you contribute less to the cutting down of these vital natural carbon reducers. It can be as simple as paying your bills online, rather than queuing up and getting a paper receipt.

Plant a Tree! Or Two!

As discussed in number 7, trees are extraordinarily important to a healthy Earth. By planting a few you will help improve the air quality and the aesthetic impact of your local environment.

Put Out the Butts...Permanently.

Cigarettes are a source of pollution, one noxious puff at a time. Every exhalation of cigarette smoke contains thousands of toxic chemicals which are not only bad for you, but are also bad for the environment. Reduce your chances of serious health complications and reduce the pollution of your immediate environs by quitting smoking, permanently. You'll also save a lot of money!

Go Rechargeable.

Those batteries in your torch, TV remote control or other household appliances are horrible for the environment: they are full of toxic acid and trace heavy elements that pollute the soil and water when they decay. Switch to rechargeable batteries, which will also save some change in your pocket.

It's really not hard at all to become more environmentally-conscious. If we all do our part, every day, you will find that our world will be a cleaner, greener and safer place for us and us and future generations

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