Copenhagen, capital city of Denmark, also an absolutely

by:Sycda     2020-09-07

As I have said, Danish women are very friendly, but at the same time they are intensely private people. So don't ask personal questions unless they volunteer by themselves. Danish society is an egalitarian society, and women are highly respected in their homes as well as the workplace. So try not to pass any sexist comment or jokes however funny or subtle they may be. As friendly as they are, they can also be very direct, and wouldn't mind telling you off if you cross the line.

Secondly, Danish people are sticklers for punctuality. Do not be late for your date. Danish people are punctual at work, at home and just about anywhere else. Also they are very mindful of their manners, including table manners.

If you are planning to gift flowers to your date, try red wrapping paper. For some reason, red works well with Danish women. Gifts are also generally opened immediately upon receipt.

Danes are generally courteous people. They also expect the same behavior from you. A rude joke or comment at the expense of someone is a sure fire to spoil your chance of dating the same woman again. But then this principle holds true everywhere else.

Lastly, remember not to talk too much about yourself, your work or family and friends. First impression is almost always the last impression especially in the dating scene. So try to make a great first impression, although it is also equally important not to try to be someone else to impress your date. Just remember that Danish women are like women everywhere else, and try to be interesting and romantic, and you'll have a great time ahead for dating in Copenhagen.

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