Electric heating elements in the form of spiral

by:Sycda     2020-10-04

High temperature elements carry a large stock of straight length elements in various lengths, wattages and voltages to suit most requirements. Elements can also be bent to particular requirements. Mineral insulated heating elements are superbly versatile and can be used in many applications for heating air & gases, liquids and solids as well as infra-red applications.

Formed elements are ribbon type elements that are developed to meet the need for higher temperatures and improved temperature control demanded in today's heat processing operations. Formed heating elements are utilized in heater racks, plug heaters, electric ovens, electric furnaces, electric jackets, kettles, and hot plates. Tubular heating elements can be provided to any length, formed into any configuration and sheathed in numerous different materials to suit the application.

Experienced engineers and people in this industry know that industrial heating elements are an integral part of many systems. Even more important is finding a supplier whose heaters and other quality products are coupled with superior customer service and technical support. There are many companies in UK which manufacture and distribute quality heating elements and deliver it quickly with a guarantee of excellent after sales service. Some of them are able to offer the procurement and supply of a wide range of different catering equipment and catering spares. Designing and manufacturing the comprehensive thermal system allows these suppliers to recommend, develop and deliver the optimum thermal solution for customers' equipment and process heat requirements.

Heating elements are manufactured for domestic appliances and for industrial applications. There are uses for electric heating elements throughout the heat-treating industry including open element rod, ribbon and wire designs, embedded or ceramic/fibre-supported coils, band heaters, ceramic segment heaters, cast-in aluminium heaters, sheathed heaters and cartridge heaters to name a few. When it comes to superior performance and energy efficiency in industrial and domestic electric heating elements, there are very few companies in UK that have the needed expertise and finesse.

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