'I have journeyed across many dimensions to see

by:Sycda     2020-09-11

The inter-galactic traveller flopped down onto (or did he absorb) the sofa and explained himself. It was rather a confusing tale felt though the skin as much as heard by the ear - a collection of images and emotions painting a kind of thought picture. It transpired that where this fellow originates the race of beings to which he belongs has transcended the physical realm and embarked upon an existence of pure thought. While this has its benefits - cheap accommodation, low meat bills etc. my new friend explained that many of his kind had grown nostalgic for a time when existence was experienced in a more traditional manner; sight and sound and the like.

A direct consequence of this yearning for more animal pleasures combined with the ability to flit between astral planes had led to nomadic voyagers like the chap among my sofa combing the multi-dimensional universe in search of all kinds of beauty to satisfy aspects of their appetites awakened after millennia of arid theoretical being.

Many voyagers plunged into the heart of stars to immerse themselves in the fire of creation and so at once consume and be consumed on a stellar scale while others sought the rarest and most delicate blooms on the farthest flung shores. Some drank deep of the most exquisite elixirs and danced the mad dance of the truly intoxicated and some contented themselves with DVD boxed sets of 'Friends'

But my alien guest had chosen this, my living room wall as his sensual nirvana and I think he was pretty much bang on. I had once had a conventional framed print, a Monet, but had wearied of my sitting room resembling a waiting room and it had reached the point where my teeth would hurt when I looked at it. So closely does one associate impressionism with dentistry.

In my search for a decorative alternative I had happened upon the wonderful world of self-adhesive vinyl wall stickers, cunningly wrought silhouettes applied directly to the wall surface at a very reasonable price considering the dramatic transformation they can make to a space. I was, I think, justifiably proud of my collection of tree wall stickers creating a very bosky atmosphere in my sitting room. My inter-stellar guest clearly agreed.

'They're very good' he said.

'Yes' I replied.

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