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by:Sycda     2020-08-31

1. You Need a Card That Allows You to Make Purchases Anywhere

Cutting up your credit cards is understandably an intimidating process, especially if you're used to using your card everywhere you go. You might worry about what you'll be able to use for online shopping or how to make a large purchase without carrying a huge sum of cash. The Green Dot credit card is a perfect solution, as it can be used at any retailer that accepts traditional Mastercard and Visa debit and credit cards. You can take your prepaid card anywhere you go and rest assured that the logo will always be recognized.

2. You're Tired of Paying Interest

Though you can always avoid interest with normal credit cards by paying off the full balance each month, this is difficult for most consumers to do. Even if you start out with the best intentions, it's helpful to understand that at some point you might inadvertently charge too much and end up with a hefty interest charge for the luxury of paying your bill later. By using a Green Dot credit card instead of a traditional card, you'll never have to consider interest charges again. It's easy to load money on your card each month so that everything you buy will be paid for in advance. With a prepaid card as an alternative, you don't have to pay more than the final price on your receipt.

3. You Want to Know About Fees Ahead of Time

Credit card companies are notorious for hitting customers with unexpected fees and penalty charges for all sorts of minor missteps. It's difficult to achieve your financial goals when you have to continually worry about fees for rate increases, late payments or even for choosing to receive paper statements in the mail. Prepaid credit cards are a good way around this problem because you won't receive these sorts of additional charges. The only fees you'll ever encounter are small charges that are clearly stated in the card's terms upfront. With this information readily available, you can plan ahead and, in many cases, find a way to have the fees waived.

4. You Don't Want to Submit to a Credit Check

Most consumers understand how important it is to maintain a good credit rating. A great credit score can help you to qualify for better rates on your mortgage or auto loan. Credit scores are also sometimes used to determine your eligibility for housing or a job. Unfortunately, applying for new credit cards can hurt your credit score. There's no way around submitting to a credit check if you want to get a traditional credit card, which makes prepaid cards a much better option. The Green Dot credit card requires no credit check, so you can keep your credit score intact. Additionally, there's no need to worry about being approved for the card. All you have to do is pick one up from a local retailer or from the company's website.

5. You're Trying to Stay Out of Debt The best way to stay out of debt is undoubtedly to avoid credit cards. As many credit card companies give out cards with high credit limits, it's all too easy to rack up an inordinately high balance before you've even realized it. A prepaid Green Dot credit cards is a much safer bet for most consumers because you'll only pay the money you actually have. By loading the card up with the amount you plan to spend before you even go to the store, you can trust that you won't end up purchasing anything on an impulse. Prepaid cards make it easier than ever before to control your spending and reach your financial goals.

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