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Making of rounds and bars is a time consuming process. It takes various steps to produce quality products. The manufacturing process of rounds and bars begins with the raw material including recycled scrap metal. This procedure includes different types of scrap material to get the perfect amount of density or chemistry. The second step includes the melting process. Various elements such as chromium, molybdenum, manganese and others are included while creating the proper chemistry to meet the demand of customer.

After this, it undergoes the refining section. After melting, its ladle is displaced to the refiner. Unwanted gases or non-metallic inclusions are expelled with the help of vacuum in the ladle. After the steel gets refined, heat is used to maintain the accurate temperature for achieving best cast ability. Refining process includes the testing of steel to make sure the cleanness, chemistry, composition, and temperature of steel. Then it moves down to bottom pour, where the ladle is moved to trumpet that protects the steel from unwanted gases present in the environmental by a shroud of inert gas. The steel flows down trumpet and gets filled up in the ingots from the bottom up, developing superior or clean steel and also encourage external quality.

Strand cast is the next step. In this, casting of in strand caster takes place. The aim is to develop clean bar products. Multiple steel are being casted in this highly efficient process. Large bloom cross-section provides better reduction ratio along with improved properties included in the final stage of steel products.

At last, the it gets heated in rolling temperature again in which the ingots of get passed amid the grooved rolls and thus endure decrease in size. It provides the enhanced grain structure in the final steel product.

Apart from this, there are some other steps that have to be followed to get the final touch of the product It includes thermal treat (Anneal, Normalize, Quench, Spheroidize Anneal, Stress Relieve, Temper, Hot Bed Cool, Mill Anneal), surface inspection, cut off, identification, final inspection, and then metallurgical lab to check the quality of the sample steel product.

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