In plants computer system cabinets look after

by:Sycda     2020-09-03

With PC's getting smaller and smaller this is what attracts production companies to the devices, as the computer system gadgets that is used to record the daily plant figures, the amount of time a exclusive order takes are now being used to promote the business.

Using a standard LCD or plasma flat screen tv, this is mounted in a location that most people can see the data from the production walkway, if for instance there is a problem with a job, too much scrap or the job is taking far longer than it should, managers can monitor the operator to ensure that they are familiar with the machine and the best practices possible.

When the flat panel tvs are being put into situation the installers have to decide if the area is of high risk, meaning does the advertising hardware need preserving, the protection comes in the form of a steel LCD enclosure; these LCD monitor enclosures secure the electronics from fluid and anything bad in the air.

Which type of LCD enclosure?

Depending upon what products the factory manufactures, will dictate what material the monitor enclosure is manufactured from, as in food preparation areas the machinery and surrounding hardware is to be made from stainless steel so it can be jetted down with water with a mild corrosive solution at the end of every day. With stainless steel material being high-priced, you will not want to use stainless steel unless you have to.

Now in non food or pharmaceutical applications a standard steel LCD enclosure can be used, these are painted with a special coating that provides a robust and good looking solution, usually in a black colour.

Not only do LCD tvs need protecting but also the printers too, as industrial printers are incredibly pricey and special thermal printers need even more looking after as their printer enclosures need a heater to make certain the thermal properties of the special paper stay in tact.

Data aquisition systems run on a LAN network, sometimes these are split from the office computer network, but when they are on the same network this is perfect as this can also be used for dynamic signage all through the factory and even in the offices, making any un-used monitor a way to market the firm and to motivate staff. This also deminishes venture costs as most of the telecom cases with existing wiring will already be on site.

Now digital signage can be shown every where, but stop for a minute and think what else it could be used for?

Further training.

This is excellent as it is on site and laborers do not have to travel to get the training refresher lessons they need, this is ideal if you have a global company as you can host the training at a pre-set time and date through the manufacturing facilities and in one go everyone is fully aware of the new manufacturing methods. Saving both time and money on wasted travelling time.

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