In the early days of running a business, the idea

by:Sycda     2020-09-09

The phone too was eerily silent and we looked at each other with a nervous uneasiness wondering if all our best laid business plans were way off the mark. I remember the first time the phone rang and the two of us, petrified, willed the other to answer. After leaving it ring for an inordinate amount of time, I picked up the phone, 'Kilco Kabs, Can I help you?' but it was the wife! I could have throttled her. But from little beginnings great oaks are born and with the help of the friendly Bank manager and a rock solid business plan we were well placed to take the taxi market by storm.

It wasn't long until the phones were hopping and the pair of us were out on the road full time, day and night. We hadn't bargained on the speed at which the business would grow, but it was a good complaint, necessitating the immediate need for a full time base radio operator. We were like two kids with new toys, polishing and cleaning our cabs, making sure they were as inviting as our own living rooms. With a real sense of pride, we worked continuously, and with that dedication, resolve and foresight, our little business did grow.

One of the most important factors that we had to consider was the area of fleet car insurance. It's one thing insuring two cars, but when you are talking about fifty it's a whole different matter. From our humble beginnings in the builder's yard off the high street, we were now comfortably ensconced in state of the art reception rooms, complete with waiting areas, coffee machines and plush toilet facilities for our frequent queues of customers, particularly at pub/club closing time. Our fleet of cars was the envy of the smaller operators and we were healthily smug, yet realistic. Very aware that the rug could be pulled so easily form underneath our feet we were not complacent in any way and were constantly looking at ways of reducing our overheads.

An online search brought us to the sometimes, complex area of fleet car insurance. This can be a make or break situation, and quotations from different companies varied wildly. The single policy cover was attractive, tailoring the fleet insurance to cover differing cars of differing ages, horsepower, engine size, drivers etc. Expert advice was spot on and their advice saved us a lot of hassle, time and worry.

Our fleet insurance policy covered other types of insurance all wrapped into the one policy, so we didn't have to set up different ones that can often result in paper trail nightmares when things go wrong. And believe me, when you have 50 cars out on the road 24 hours a day, thing do go wrong. The 'quick quote' online section on the website gave us immediate results with excellent value for money - so much so that we entered into immediate negotiations, which resulted in a policy that no one else could match.

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