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by:Sycda     2020-10-05

Do you need to print thousands of labels at a time? If the answer is yes, tying up the laser printer is not a good option at all. Toner is quite expensive and for this reason, a barcode printer is perhaps the best solution. And when it comes to barcode printing, thermal printers are the best choices. Apart from thermal printing, there are three other printers that used to print barcodes. These are the dot matrix, laser, and ink-jet printers. All these barcode printers are unique in their system, advantages, and limitations.

Let's take a look at the reasons behind the popularity of thermal barcode printers. Thermal printers use the special thermo-sensitive paper, and due to this reason, the output is of high-quality, durable, stabile, and cost-effective. Since thermal barcode label makers support various label materials, the process of accepting and encoding data don't slow down the print speed.

From the discussion it is quite evident that a barcoding system can make the work of the retailer, management, and the employees easier ensuring better service to the customers. If you are already planning to implement barcoding system in your business, you should pick the right printer according to your needs.

Thermal printers that are used to print barcodes are mainly of two types - thermal transfer and direct thermal printers. In the thermal transfer printer, heat is used to transfer the ink from the ribbon to the printer whereas the direct thermal printer uses the same mechanism but it uses a special thermal paper instead of a ribbon. Here the thermo-sensitive part of the paper is burnt to create an image on the paper.

The advantage of direct thermal label printers is that they are not just used for printing barcodes. As these printers can be synchronized with point of sale programs, other information such as model number, price, product description, etc. could also be printed on the label easily. These printers could also be used to print tags, coupons, and wristbands as well.

Businesses prefer the direct thermal label printers for their cost effective nature. These printers are capable of printing labels both individually and by batch. Besides, these printers can also print smaller labels. That's also without compromising the content, speed, and quality of the print. The direct thermal printers are capable of printing with high density and high resolution. This means the image is of high-quality.

The market is flooded with countless makes and models of barcode printers these days. The price range can vary significantly based on the amount and quality of prints. It is recommended to do some research before making the final call.

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