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by:Sycda     2020-09-24

Being aware of the busy or too lazy daily round people have Lewisham cleaning experts provide the following tips on how to properly clean your keyboard:

Don't soak your keyboard! Never sip it in water!

Consider the fact that you can clean everything. For instance, the sticky fluids under the keys are impossible to remove in most of the cases. If such situation you simply have to purchase a new keyboard. It may be additional expense, but still will certainly be necessary.

Most of the latest keyboard models have removalble keys which facilitates the general treatment a lot. Having in mind that, it will be good to read the directions that came with your computer/keyboard before taking any cleaning actions. It may be surprising, but some keyboards are even dishwasher safe. In case you are one of these people who always spill something, consider getting one of these.

As to the actual treatment, you should always begin with powering off your computer.

Unplug the keyboard. Shake it carefully to get rid of most of the stucked dust and other particles.

Work with the compressed air in between the keys space to remove the dirt trapped underneath.

Pour a little bit of cleaner on the cloth or swab. You need it to be only slightly damp, not wet.

Then wipe the keyboard keys and other surface areas with the cloth/ swab. Cleaning Leyton professionals warn you never to use abrasives or scraping action while fulfilling this step, or you may risk removing their labels.

In case you notice there any renaming dirt around the edges of the keys, work with alcohol-based wipes or a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a dust free cloth. Have in mind that you are likely to remove the letters on top of the keys along with the grime.

To finish just let the keyboard to dry. Make sure there are no any remaning moisture traces, before plugging it back into your computer.

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