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by:Sycda     2020-09-28

The white laser polyester is one of the most common materials that is used as label materials. It is one of the most durable material which is used to print laser labels. It is mainly used for permanent labeling and find its use in marking assets, properties and equipments. There are weather proof white laser materials too which are water resistant and are mainly used in laboratories, clinics and other medical centers. They are ideal for wet environments and extreme cold areas. They can resist smudging, have high brightness and provide smooth finish to the products.

The next popular label materials that are used in laser labels are the clear polyester. The clear polyester label materials are also used for permanent labeling and they are mostly used to mark retail products and window decals. They do not give a matte look or frosted appearance when they are used on the products. They have a crystal clear appearance and print perfectly. The best thing about these materials are that you can create your own address labels, name badges or photo captions by using these materials. These sheets are smudge free and are very easy to use. They can be fed through laser printer just like a simple sheet.

The white matter polyester is another popular material that is used for printing laser labels. This material is removable and hence it is on products which need temporary labeling like products which are exclusively used for marketing, price labels, books and magazines. These materials are self-adhesive and they can be removed cleanly without damaging the surface of the products.

Apart from the above mentioned materials, there are other materials too which are used for printing laser labels. They are used for various purposes like mailing and shipping. They are self-adhesive and those which are meant for permanent labeling are jam free and smudge free.

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