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by:Sycda     2020-09-28

So much has already been said about the importance of shrink sleeve labels but for sure, a lot of people would still be interested in knowing its forms. To give you some ideas on the variations created out of a shrink sleeve, read the rest of this article.

Tamper-Evident Bands - These are the security seals that were created out of a preformed shrink sleeve. 'Refuse If Seal Is Broken' is one of the warning ,messages that are usually found printed on these bands which works to effectively preserve the quality of products.

Combination Packaging - This is the options used by manufacturers to offer different items as one product and it usually comes with a discounted price that is why it is popular as a promotional tool. The shrink sleeve material is very effective in fusing together items of various shapes and sizes easily.

Preforms - Preforms are the shrink film bands that were manufactured to perfectly fit according to the shapes of containers, which make custom designs no longer essential. These preformed shrink sleeve bands work well with reverse tapered containers and even those that lack shoulders that can hold the band in place before shrinking.

Full body shrink sleeves - This is the type of shrink sleeve that was designed to form fit to the entire container's contour and is usually preferred for a product to get a new look from top to bottom. Full body shrink sleeves are perfect for rebranding and will certainly ensure the most outstanding shelf-appeal.

Custom Shrink Sleeves - Unlike the full body shrink sleeve, this type only covers a part of the container and shrinks to conform to the shape of the container upon the application of heat. This is commonly used to display sleek graphics which adhesive labels cannot guarantee without a bunching effect.

A heat shrink sleeve may appear to be ordinary but if you will get to know its types, you will surely appreciate the purposes that it can serve even more. There are different forms of shrink sleeve labels and a smart manufacturer can easily determine the one that can enhance the value of the goods they offer even more.

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