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Don't waste time! Get yourself over to Find Me A Gift and get yourself a gorgeous watch that really is timeless!

Ever stuck for the time? If you find yourself asking complete strangers what the time is, maybe it's about time you bought yourself a watch! With so many designs to choose from it can be hard to decide on a tasteful timepiece that will match every outfit. It's hard enough picking an outfit, let alone accessorising it! Find Me A Gift give us all a reason to clock watch with the beautifully designed Ribbon Watch.

With a stainless steel surround, this stunning Quartz watch is a fashion statement whatever the season. It comes complete with 11 interchangeable straps so you can match your watch to your mood! If you're having a day where you feel a little dotty, weave one of the polka dot ribbons through the watch and brighten yourself up. Or make a stripy statement with one of the brightly coloured striped ribbons; the choice is yours!

The ribbon straps themselves are made from grosgrain ribbon. The straps measure approximately 62 cm x 2.5 cm, making them long enough to tie them in a beautiful bow to fasten the watch. You won't have to worry about taking any links out or fixing the dodgy clasp on this watch, just tie the ribbon and off you 'bow'.

Our whole lives revolve around time so why not make fashion revolve around time too? We could settle for a standard Casio but where's the fun in that? Our jewellery can make a statement about who we are, so wear your personality on your sleeve with this fabulous Ribbon Watch. Brighten up even the dullest of everyday routines! If you're forced to wear a dull uniform to work, wear a watch that even Vera Wang herself would love to get her hands on. With a beautiful presentation box, the Ribbon Watch will even decorate your dressing table.

Maybe you've been endlessly searching for a birthday gift for your beautiful baby girl? Ok, so it's time to face facts; she's more of a young lady than a baby. The Ribbon Watch is perfect for any fresh-faced fashionista. With the latest teen crazes and fashions changing nearly every day, you won't need to worry about your little girl being in with the times. For a truly girly gleam, choose the pretty 'n' pink straps. Or for a punk rocker look, ditch the bow and fasten this timepiece with safety pins; now there's nothing girly about that. She really will be the envy of her school friends with a watch so versatile!

With so many gift ideas available, it can be hard to find the time to trawl through them all. And we always leave it to the last minute don't we? With the Ribbon Watch there's no reason to race against the clock; it's available from Find Me A Gift on a next working day delivery. So what are you waiting for? Click on to Find Me A Gift where finding the perfect gift only takes a minute!

The credit crunch is hitting businesses across the country and people are seeking alternative stores to save money and get a bargain. Find Me a Gift offer everything online without the need for people to spend money on petrol, parking and inflated prices. With special offers and free shipping on orders over 100 (UK only) this online store has everything from cheap novelty items to luxury experiences. Find Me a Gift is one of the UK's leading online gift retailers (ranked in the Top 10 of Hitwise). Established in June 2000, the company specialises in a wide range of gadgets, experiences, toys and personalised gifts with worldwide delivery and year round sales.

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