Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration

by:Sycda     2020-09-13

Let us understand more about OSHA warning label requirements:

Purpose of OSHA Signage

Signage from OSHA covers all safety signs except those designed for streets, highways or railroads as they may have local or state instructions to follow. Here Companies may also follow voluntary standards created by ANSI, which provide guidelines for danger, warning, general safety and fire safety to make people aware about potentially hazardous situations.

OSHA requires signs to inform workers and the public to take special precautions when a situation indicates danger. The signs should be in red, black and white colors. These are implemented to warn about potential hazards or act as a caution against unsafe practices. The caution ones need to have a yellow background and a black panel with yellow letters.

Another kind of signs in OSHA is related to Biological hazards that can arise due to equipment, containers, rooms, materials or experimental animals. Here instructions and suggestions related to biological hazards come with a white background, a green panel with white letters.

Design and Structure of Labels

According to OSHA's specifications for signs and hazardous waste labels they should have round or blunt corners, free from sharp edges, splinters and any other kind of sharp projections. Bolts on the signs have to be properly fastened such that it doesn't become a hazard itself. Additionally the text on the signs should be easy to be read and understand.

Tags and Emblems

Another signage requirement involves tags that are used to identify a hazardous condition until the hazard has been eliminated. These tags help prevent injury or illness to employees if potentials situations arise. According to OSHA'S requirements tags are required to make of card, paper, pasteboard or plastic. Emblems are utilized on slow-moving vehicles, moving 25 miles per hour or less to make people aware about the potent material it is carrying.

So you might have realized the importance of OSHA and how can it make your workplace safe. If implementing such labels is your worry then it not a problem actually. There are many companies that offer specific labels and signage confirming to OSHA's regulations.

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