Oh how I love to sample the various food choices

by:Sycda     2020-09-15

The benefits of sampling are endless. It seems like good ole fashioned quality is being disclosed and exchanged for poor, cheap, and pride less built outward imitations that prove to be disappointing and even worse, a cost burden. Nowadays it's hard to know what you are buying. In a majority of cases the product isn't lining up with the picture (why does the picture look sooooo good?) and in return you find yourself frustrated, distraught, and overwhelmed because you have a bunch of useless whatever that you either must return (and you're still empty handed needing the right item) or stuck with as you maintain to deal with the bad batch of whatever.

Since I'm no different than you (because I've been misled thousands of times too) my aim is to exchange ideas on how to choose good over garbage when it comes to industrial packaging supplies. Commodities such as Poly Bubble Mailers, Kraft Bubble Mailers, Poly Mailers, and Shipping Envelopes are everywhere especially online and since online shopping provides such an easy and convenient way to shop, let us together determine ways to experience less stress and get the most value for our $$$ (you know why... because we deserve to).

Case Study #1- Shipping Envelopes

Maybe you are an online commercial retailer and maybe you need Shipping Envelopes to house the order information and safety documents pertaining to your products. Maybe you need a packing list envelope to provide your customer the correct details about their order since communication is everything. Maybe you plan to invest in various sizes and versions of packing list envelopes and maybe you're tired of getting burned from purchasing unreliable envelopes time after time. Maybe you don't have time to answer sale calls, produce marketing strategies, conduct payroll checks, and many many other requirements a small business entrepreneur must manage because your role always involves multi-tasking in some form or another. However, maybe someone you employ can conduct your quality control procedures but maybe they need more knowledge on how to search and separate fraud from fortune. So when it comes to finding the correct packing list envelopes maybe it will be helpful if they searched for things like this:

Superior Adhesive: Packing list envelopes should be able to stick to all surfaces. You may have to use multiple packaging device options, so a strong adhesive is necessary because the transit process is brutal and the information within these envelopes is very essential for your customers to receive. So make sure you test the adhesive strength on a number of various shipping equipment to be sure.

Flimsy Windows: It's also imperative that the windows aren't poorly manufactured. This will defeat the entire purpose of using these envelopes since your documents will get lost during shipments. Be sure to evaluate the window for seal strength issues so that you have a durable product that will endure the harsh transit procedures that packages encounter.

Case Study#2- Poly Bubble Mailers

How about your book sales, photo prints, magazines, and media products? Poly Bubble Mailers are a great low cost solution for transporting these types of products to your valued customers. But wait, it's also a detractor if the quality isn't up to par since we live in a microwave, fast food, 10 minute oil change, I need it now society. If your delivery equipment is faulty your customer is off to the next vendor (traveling at the speed of light) quickly need I say? So the question is what should we look for to determine quality Poly Bubble Mailers from online stores:

The Outer Shell: All exterior plastic isn't manufactured the same therefore you need to test the mailer by attempting to label it so that you can mail your stamps or promotional labels on the outer covering of the mailer. This is important to discover because it will be a waste of money if you buy a bulk amount and then realize it's not applicable for your exact shipping needs.

The Drop Test: Sometimes the bubble padding is pre-crushed or flimsy when you receive it. The normal shipping process involves a very fast paced, rearranging, tossing, shaking, and stacking ordeal by which the products you're shipping will certainly experience these things in its entirety during transit. You need a high endurance mailer that is manufactured properly to withstand successfully.

Case Study #3- Kraft Bubble Mailers

Similar to the Poly Bubble Mailer in many of ways, the Kraft Bubble Mailer is your economical source. What separates the two is that the Kraft Bubble Mailer is made with kraft paper and it tends to function more stiff and snug so that your product is compacted and able to absorb shock and pressure vibrations during transit. Here are some points that will help you:

The Bubble Padding: Avoid styles that have cheap bubble cushioning within them. This can provide an instant headache when you discover that the cushioning is not attached as it should be. This will cause you a packaging nightmare as you struggle to attempt to place your product inside it. Also your product will not be stable which will lead to eventual damage once shipped.

Durable Paper: If you 3yr old can easily rip apart the outer kraft paper, you should quickly avoid purchasing that mailer. Albeit it's paper (which we both know doesn't make it totally non-puncture resistant) it still should not be so easy to rip. Stronger kraft paper provides a stronger coverage against moisture and other harsh transit conditions as it sustains durability throughout travel.

Case #4 Poly Mailer

Designed to handle small lightweight items, documents, and catalogs this mailer is a great value providing puncture, moisture, and dirt resistant qualities. Check out these suggestions to help you search for the right Poly Mailer:

No Visibility: No one should be able to view the inside contents. Poly Mailers should be made in a way that keeps onlookers from seeing what's inside of your package. Try holding it to the light to detect if your documents are visible.

The Seal Strip: Like with all shipping mailers (including this one) the seal strip must work accurately. If sealed properly, there is no way your products will be tampered with or stolen. Remove the seal strip to test how well the adhesive works. Now after about fifteen minutes if you discover that the mailer easily opens do not purchase that brand of mailers. The seal strip should work so accurately that your customer should have to almost pry the package open.

Case Study #5- All Shipping Mailing Envelopes

Size matters and although you may think the specification of your product should match, its better if you actually test it before buying huge bulk. Not only will you possibly save $$$ by packaging your items in smaller size shipping envelopes, but you enhance performance by using the most beneficial size to combat those brutal shipping techniques were looser packed items tend to suffer a bit more.

Sample, Sample, Sample!!! It would be great to hear about your shipping experiences. Please feel invited to comment and express your testimonials and reviews pertaining to these products. As we all know many online vendors claim quality, so the goal is to hold them accountable for aligning their tag lines up with integrity proven products. Who has $$$ to waste! So this forum is designed to share ideas with others so that we (the consumers) can safely choose more quality oriented vendors.

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