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by:Sycda     2020-09-22

There is a large variety of labels that are used in various forms and for diverse products. These labels are manufactured today by a large number of manufacturers in the packaging industry which has made label manufacturing synonymous with the other industries. With the evolution of the industries producing finished goods on a mass scale, these finished products are required to be labeled in an appropriate manner in order to remove any ambiguity about the contents of the package. Labels are prepared from diverse materials such as paper, cloth and polymer or plastic and at times from metal. However, the material of the label depends on the type of product and the packaging of the product. Labels could either be attached to a product or also be printed directly on the product package. Labels may also be used for different purposes such as product identification, name tags, advertising or warning in specific cases.

In almost every country across the globe, it has become mandatory that every product should have a proper and clearly discernible label that displays the complete information of the product. This is especially true in the case of health food products, medicines and drugs. In the case of health foods, it is necessary to display the details of the nutritional value of the food, the net weight of health food along with the details of the name and complete address of the manufacturer who is selling the product. In certain cases, the name of the contact people is also provided to enable the user to contact the company marketing its products. There are food product manufacturers who also mention the period within which the food product is to be consumed. As far as medicines and drugs are concerned, it is necessary to exhibit the date of manufacturing along with the expiry date along with the details of the chemical composition of the medicine. It would not be out of place to mention that out of date food products, medicines and drugs could prove to be fatal for the consumer. Keeping in view the seriousness of this aspect, stricter laws on labeling have been enforced in all countries on manufacturers to display their labels clearly on the products that are sold in the market.

Labels have a wide range of applications for various products and are available in various forms. A company could go in for separate self adhesive labels that could be peeled off as a sticker label. On the other hand, label rolls are a continuous form of label that could be pasted and spliced from the roll. These label rolls are usually made from plastic and the superior quality of the adhesive lasts for a longer time as compared to the normal paper labels.

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