Over the past 50 years the composition of a self

by:Sycda     2020-09-22

The label still consists of just three basic components, a face material which is the surface you print on that ends up on the product or packaging, an adhesive layer that enables you to stick it on to the product or packaging and a backing material which enables you to handle the sticky label until you want to apply it.

What has changed enormously over the years is both the range and quality of all three components which now gives the end user endless possibilities for a label's use.

A huge range of face materials, both paper and synthetic come as standard now with acrylic, hot melt and solvent adhesive options for label applications ranging from address labels on cartons in blast freezers to batch code labels on electronic circuit boards which remain hot 24 hours a day. Adhesives of course can now be freezer grade, permanent, removable, repositionable etc etc etc. Backing materials have evolved slowly by comparison, with the basic choice of glassine paper or kraft paper over many years only recently joined by polypropolene films.

Despite all these changes, whether your requirement is a coloured product label, an address label, a barcode label, a blank label to go through a label printer or anything else for that matter, the user's requirement is exactly the same as it was 50 years ago. Does it look good and convey my message, does it stick to the product or packaging the way I want it to, can I get it when I want it and is the price acceptable for the quantity I want to buy?

Labels for Printers

Dial A Label is a label manufacturing company based in Knoxfield Victoria that has made it's mission to enable customers to always answer 'yes' to these questions. By specializing in labels used through label printers, we are confident that we can provide a suitable label for any thermal, thermal transfer (printing from a therrmal ribbon) or laser printer requirement.

We hold an enormous range of labels and ribbons in stock for next day delivery. Rolls for industrial and desktop printers, fanfolded labels for print and restack use; A4 address label sheets for your laser printer and Dymo labels for your Dymo Labelwriter are all packed and ready to send.

With online ordering, an experienced and active customer service department and direct sales people available, setup and ordering procedures are quick and easy to establish. Because labels are produced in bulk and held, customers receive favourable rates for quantities that would traditionally incur much higher prices.

Dial a Label has many many years experience in the manufacture of self adhesive labels so are well able to distinguish between a fad and a genuine product improvement when it comes along. We never lose sight of this when we amend or expand our range.

That is why we are always happy to give a 100% guarantee, that if you buy our labels for a label printer, they will look good, they will stick as required, you will not be forced into unrealistic minimums and the price will be just right.

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