Shrink labels have become a new way of packaging products

by:Sycda     2020-09-25

Shrink packaging is fast process of packing and very economical. The Shrink label applicator is used to pack the products with the PVC, PETG, and OPS shrink labels.

One more advantage of using Shrink labels they can be flexo printed in five to six colors. These labels are preprinted with the company brand and it works as a brand label and at the same time it is used to pack the product. Previously products would have paper labels for brand identification and over that an inner seal. The usage of shrink label removes two components, saving packaging time and money.

Heat Shrink labeler are printer who print on PVC, PETG, and OPS shrink label. There are methods that is used by heat shrink labeler to print these shrink labels with brand identification. There are three print processes; gravure, CI flexo, and UV flexo. These three methods of printing best meet the needs of all the company products brand that have to be printed on the shrink labels.

Heat Shrink labeler provide very attractive labels gravure printed in up to 10 colors which are often combined with tamper-evident protection

Gravure printing: This method is a high quality printing method. The graphic for all colors is added to individual metal cylinder. The advantages are high quality, clarity of reduced size text, and consistency of reproduction over a long period.

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CI flexo: This method is also a solvent based process on the raised areas like dot or lines or blocks on a photopolymer plate. The color unit's prints the ink in sequence which is transferred to the plate and then the film.

UV Flexo: IT used the same plates as CI flexo, but here there is no solvent used in the ink. The colors are printed separately onto the film and are cured by use of UV lamps. This method gives greater 3D effect than CI flexo.

The Heat shrink labeler suggests mostly CI Flexo and UV flexo due the benefits like its cost effective and gives high quality production. Due to the shorter origination process it has a rapid response; it's most suited to the promotional and labeling requirements and last but not the least it possible to print multi variants.

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