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by:Sycda     2020-10-02

Thankfully, there are still some reliable investment options for the common man with FOREX trading being one of them. Enticed by the potential promised by FOREX trading, numerous firms and individuals wish to enter the league as a broker; however, as you can imagine, the task is a lot easier said than done. With a large number of formalities and extensive paper work to be completed, venturing into the FOREX market is always a huge ordeal. However, this is where firms looking to enter this market can go for FOREX IB, or Foreign Exchange Introducing Broker.

The solution is aimed at assisting firms wishful of entering the FOREX market as a broker make the most out of this highly potent market. However, Introducing brokers are not really brokers. Instead, they offer personal relationship with clients and advise them on trade matters ranging from sales to technology; in return, a part of the brokerage is credit towards the account of the FOREX IB. this way, companies can earn brokerage without really having to get registered for offering their own trading platform. In order to earn the commissions, the firms need to attract potential investors to established trading platforms.

Firms looking to gain as a secondary broker may sign a white label agreement with any of the established FOREX brokers offering such agreements. In simple terms, a white label agreement is offered by an established FOREX broker to firms looking to enter the market as Forex IB . Such agreements entitle introducing brokers to use the trading platform of the established broker, and may even give them the option of a customized trading platform for branding their business. Hence, by obtaining a white label agreement, firms looking to enter the FOREX market as a broker can avail great benefits by obtaining a white label agreement from a leading broker in the league.

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