Summer will soon be over and families know the

by:Sycda     2020-10-05

Grandparents, family members and friends will give children items for Back to School as gifts. Whether your store sells children's clothing, personalized items or computers and software, adding Custom Ribbon means a personal touch that not every store will have. Why not make your store stand out, especially during Back to School time?

#1. Make Custom Ribbon with your store name on it. This is one of the most popular choices. Especially if you are new to trying Custom Ribbon, this is a must-have for your gift wrapping supplies.

#2. Create Custom Ribbon in Back to School friendly colors like red, yellow and blue. Many of us when we think of Back to School, we think of primary colors. The most popular primary colors are red, yellow and blue. Another option is to choose Fall colors you'll typically see in the North of the U.S.A.. These Fall colors would include orange, crimson and forest green. The best choice is what you think your customer would enjoy most.

#3. Add Back to School to your ribbons! If you are expecting a lot of customer traffic, why not create special ribbon just for your Back to School customers? A ribbon that says this would be fun and catchy, very appealing for families.

#4. Try school favorite sayings like 1+1 = 2 or A, B, C, for your ribbons. These are ideal choices, especially if you market to the primary or pre-K children. Ribbon that mentions something they will be learning is easily recognizable.

#5. Add a good wish for the coming year. Try Enjoy Back to School or Welcome Back to School.

#6. Include a fun graphic that reminds everyone of the school season or Fall. Try including an apple or fall leaf.

#7. If your store has most of its customers from certain schools, why not have ribbons welcoming students back to their specific school? You can order ribbons for each of the local schools. Just imagine how happy children and parents will be to see their school name on a gift package!

#8. Don't forget to try a school themed font. A font that looks like handwriting or one that is fun to read will appeal to children and parents.

#9. Not sure what to say? Try quoting someone. has lots of quotes, even quotes about school. Find a great school, education or learning quote and add it to your ribbon.

#10. Want the most successful ribbon of all? Always remember to match your Back to School ribbon theme to the theme and style of your store. If your store is quirky and funny, then the ribbon should be too. If your store is classic and traditional, then the ribbon probably should be too.

Enjoy Back to School season. Make children and their families smile with pretty gift packages with beautiful Custom Ribbon and watch those customers return again and again!

Lawrence Reaves writes for, a full service printing company offering a wide variety of products including custom printed ribbon, return address labels and hang tags. Check out the most products carried by here.

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