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The advantages and disadvantages of thermal paper

The advantages and disadvantages of thermal paper


The advantages and disadvantages of thermal paper should be judged according to the use, generally from the following aspects:

1, appearance: good thermal paper outside the view of no impurities, good smoothness, hand feel no obvious rough feeling, transparent to see paper uniform;

2, color: high color density, clear handwriting, is one of the most important properties of thermal paper.

3, preservation: the preservation of inferior thermal paper is very short, good thermal paper writing generally has more than 2~3 years, special thermal paper preservation performance has more than 10 years. A day in the sun and still maintain a clear color is not bad.

4, protective performance: some uses such as labels, bills, need good protective performance, can be applied on thermal paper water, oil, hand cream and so on test.

5, print head adaptability: low quality thermal paper wear on the print head, easy to stick to the print head. You can see it by checking the print head.

6, environmental performance: if environmental protection needs, need to detect heavy metals, bisphenol A, fluorescent brightening agent. Fluorescent brightening agent only need to see whether there is fluorescence under the detector machine can be seen. Others need to be tested by professional institutions.

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