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Thermal printer paper size in pixels

Thermal printer paper size in pixels

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Product Description

Thermal printer paper is a recording medium, a special high-grade paper coated with a material that changes colour when heated. Printing is done by the heat of a thermal printer. When a selected area of thermal printer paper passes through the thermal print head, the image is created by heat and no ink is printed. It is commonly used in thermal printers and is specialized in devices such as cash registers, credit card terminals, and adding machines. Thermal printer paper is made by applying special heat-sensitive chemical materials on the paper base. Thermal printer paper all have some processing similarities. Thermal printer paper was originally a typical "base paper" made of wood pulp. The paper is then primed with a chemical called a precoat. The precoat fills any pores or spaces between the fibres of the paper. Pre-coating ensures a smooth and even printed surface. The chemical also absorbs and stabilizes the dye once it is activated. The precoat also prevents the printhead from accumulating molten dye. The chemical mixture used as a topcoat is called a thermal coat. This coating is a mixture of chemicals that change colour when heated. The thermal layer contains a leuco dye, a sensitizer and a developer. Leuco dyes contain transparent crystals that turn black as soon as the heat from the printer head touches the paper. The hot mixture also contains bisphenol A (BPA) or bisphenol B (BPS). These chemicals act as developers. A sensitizer is added to the hot mixture to adjust the image activation temperature of the coating. Once the layers are applied to the paper, the paper is rolled into large rolls called jumbo rolls. Giant shipments are transferred to machines, which cut them into different sizes for wholesale and retail distribution.

1. What is the difference between thermal printer paper and normal paper?

Thermal printer paper differs from a regular paper in that it is coated with a mixture of dyes and chemicals. When heated above the melting point, the dye reacts with the chemical, causing it to transform into a coloured form (usually black, but occasionally blue or red). The printheads in the machine heat the correct areas of the paper to make it clear and easy to read.

2. Can ordinary printers use thermal printer paper?

It is not recommended to use thermal printer paper with normal printers. thermal printer paper is designed for use with thermal printers, which use heat instead of ink. It's also thinner and more slippery. Therefore, normal printers may not produce good results. The same applies to using plain paper in thermal printers.

Thermal printer paper size in pixels

Thermal printer paper size in pixels can be used in thermal printers, cash registers, POS systems and credit card terminals in industries such as retail, catering, gaming, finance, government, hotels, etc. Thermal printer paper is a special type of paper with a chemical coating on the surface. As the paper passes through a thermal printer, the heat from the print head causes the chemical coating to activate and create a high-definition image. Unlike regular paper, this process uses heat to initiate a chemical reaction within the paper itself. So it doesn't require ribbon or toner, making it more manageable than other options.

At present, China is one of the most important thermal printer paper roll manufacturing bases and exporters. As one of the leaders in the thermal printer paper industry, our company offers a wide range of different qualities and sizes at very affordable prices.

3. How long can the thermal printer paper last?

The life expectancy of thermal printer paper varies depending on storage conditions. The following factors will affect the lifespan of thermal printer paper:

  • Shelf life

Paper stored at temperatures below 77 degrees and kept in a dark place with relative humidity will last approximately three years from the date of manufacture.

  • Image life

Once the image is printed on thermal printer paper, the image will last for at least seven years. This time estimate is based on storing the paper in a dark low temperature, minimum humidity environment at 77 degrees.

  • fade-resistant

The combination of dyes and co-reactants in a sexual thermal printer paper makes it sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) light. If the printed paper is exposed to ultraviolet light (sunlight), the printed image may be affected.

Exposure to UV rays can also cause discolouration of the paper itself.

thermal printer paper size in pixels finds firm application in many areas of everyday life: checkout receipts and price labels in supermarkets, package labels in logistics centres – in fact, anywhere information needs to be printed quickly and economically. We supply binding and laminating machines for thermal printer paper all over the world, and they turn them into checkout rolls, self-adhesive labels and all possible receipts.

Product NameThermal Paper Roll Cash Register Rolls For ATM POS Machine
Material  100% self-made virgin woodpulp
Colour  Black/Blue/Red colour printed; Various Colour thermal paper
Size  57*30; 57*40;57*50;57*60;80*50;80*60;80*70;80*80mm; Customized size
Grammage  35; 40; 45; 50; 55; 60; 65; 70; 80gsm
  As a manufacturer, we are quite flexible of MOQ    

  Shrink film; golden film; golden foil;OEM packing;

Shelf Time  2-5 years long preservation
Payment Term  T/T 30% as deposit, 70% balance paid before delivery
Logo  Our logo or customer logo pre-printed



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