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by:Sycda     2020-09-14

'Window Cling' stickers are typically attached to the interior of a glass surface. These stickers are attached to the glass using surface tension instead of using a layer of glue, meaning that there is no glue residue left behind on the surface of the glass when the stickers are peeled off (such as after a world cup or political campaign). 'Adhesive Vinyl' and 'White/Clear Self Adhesive Vinyl' stickers on the other hands are plastic PVC stickers which are highly durable and therefore can withstand outside conditions, giving them a very long life. The vinyl for these stickers comes in a variety of forms: permanent, removable and 'black back' for no 'show-through' of light or to not show what was underneath.

Car stickers are also available in the form of 'Livery' stickers with a 'crack back' for an easy-peel reverse, which allow them to stick to the metalwork of vehicles as an alternative to the traditional form of car stickers which are stuck to the rear window.

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