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by:Sycda     2020-09-27

Products used for effective advertising

3D labels: The unique technology of 3D labels are now highly on demand and is used for various purposes of marketing and advertising of products and brands at present. In order to make this shining and incredible label, the three dimensional effect is created after hardening in the UV furnace. Now the engineers are able to create the domed labels on a colored base as well as for transparency in order to enhance the creative 3D effect.

Domed emblems: The domed emblems are usually highly effective labels that are self-adhesive. The domed emblems contains epoxide protective layer to create a striking 3D impression. The domed labels are used mainly to symbolize the appliances and other products. This is manufactured with the combination of matching career as a keychain or badge. In short, the domed emblems are used as a decorative element in advertising elements. They are produced in making the products effective in looks that are all around you.

The purpose of domed labels

Domed emblems are usually made by applying a resin coat on a printed sticker to create 3D impression. Basically, this is suitable for advertising purposes but due to their fastness in use, they are mainly used in exteriors to label various machineries, products, appliances and automobiles. In addition, they are very elastic and abrasion resistant which prevents yellowing and fading due to the adverse effects of UV light.

How does it look like?

On the surface, the plastic domed labels have special transparent and flexible layer which is attached firmly on its base. The layer is fully transparent in order to enhance the impression. It is approximately 2 mm high and rounded around the edges. Even though the stickers are flexible from the surface, it should be affixed with high layer of resin on surfaces. It causes material straining which has a tendency to un-stick on uneven surfaces.

The surface of domed labels is uneven and is resistant to the adverse effects of external environment. These labels are also UV resistant are UV resistant and water washable. It is built in a way that it should not be the subject to straining, breaking or bending from extreme mechanical scenarios. In addition, the aggressive chemical agents should be prevented from cleaning them.

Where to buy domed stickers?

There are many online companies dealing with their clients online to offer various designs of domed stickers. The customers are free to send their specifications and designs so that the dealer can serve the perfect label in order to promote the company at the perfect timing by using their stickers and labels on their products. Well, it becomes important to select the company which is worth to deal with the clients by supplying the quality products. Durographix is one of them which serves the quality domed stickers and labels.

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