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by:Sycda     2020-08-29

A shredding service carries a host of advantages to companies across industry sectors, the main benefits being the reduction in environmental impact and the increase of confidentiality within the company for both staff and clients.

Environmental Advantages

Shredded paper can be recycled so that it can be used again; this keeps the sacks of paper you have accumulated from going in to landfill, something which any environmentally aware company will be conscious of avoiding.

By recycling shredded matter, the amount of trees used to create fresh paper can be reduced which makes for a more sustainable future.


From legal documents that contain private information in regards to your accounts Uxbridge to customer's banking details, there are many documents within businesses that, if they were to get in to the wrong hands, could cause a breach of confidentiality. There are many stories of individuals hunting through the bins outside large companies to obtain confidential information in order to make fraudulent transactions, which is why investing in a shredding service is imperative.

A specialist service can take care of your shredding requirements completely. This experienced company provide sacks and lockable seals at no additional cost for you to fill with the paper you wish to destroy. Once the sacks are full, they only require 48 hours' notice and will collect them promptly at your request.

All collected materials will be handled with ultimate levels of security; issuing you with a security receipt upon collection. Their enclosed vehicles are always carefully supervised by trusted members of the team and once it reaches the shredding operation, the entire process is witnessed for your peace of mind.

They also offer confidential witnessed incineration which is the preferred choice for those wishing to dispose of vouchers and cheques. In addition, if you are looking for a company to destroy bank cards, computer hardware or CD's they can provide a separate incineration service for this type of confidential waste.

To find out more about the shredding services this proficient company able to provide for your business, visit their website today and fill in the simple to use contact form for a response from an industry professional.

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