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by:Sycda     2020-09-12

Human nature is prone to taking things for granted, including the little things that make our daily lives simpler and easier. One of these things is the industry of label printing.

Labels are used for thousands of purposes throughout our world and are seen in all industries including health, medicine, food, clothing and even cleaning products. They are found in every building and every walk of life like the home, school, church and also in every corporate environment throughout the world.

Labels come in many different shapes and sizes as well as many types. Each type of label is manufactured differently each with its own purpose and each for its own type of product. For instance, you will more likely find a clear label on a glass bottle than a solid paper label, which you would rather find on a tin. Toothpaste for instance has the label imprinted onto the tube for the obvious reason that it is mostly used in a wet environment where a paper label wood peel and cause a mess.

The label's main function is to identify the product within. But you will not only find the product name on the label. You will find many important details imprinted on the label of which some are the expiry date, the product code, the ingredients, a picture of the product and also the nutritional value of the product. On household products you will also find a short description on what the product entails, how to use the product and some safety or health precautions (if any) regarding the safe use of the product.

Labels form a very important part of the marketing strategy of the product and are therefore an important part of the company or product's marketing team's duties. Throughout life it is known that first impressions last and that is why it is so important for the marketing team to be successful in the design of the product label. For instance, if you include a very bad quality photo or picture of the product on the label, it will give the impression of the product itself being of lesser quality. The better the advertisement on the label, the better your sales of the product will be.

One of the valuable services that a label design company can offer is to print blank labels. These are labels that are mostly self-adhesive but have nothing printed on the front. These type of labels are very popular within the domestic, school and office environments as you can purchase something in bulk, repack it and stick you own label on the packaging. When you cover your child's school book, you would most probably make use of blank labels on which you will write the child's name, subject and grade and which you will then stick on the book for easy identification.

So as you can see, the label industry is as important as it is convenient for people all over the world on a daily basis. Read more on label suppliers in South Africa.

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