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by:Sycda     2020-09-13

There are plenty of great websites that can help you to make your own custom t shirts and embroidered hats, and whichever of these you use this means that anyone can make their items much more unique and personal.

However at the same time if you want to make more out of your belongings then you will need to come up with the designs you want to use in the first place and this is where things get a little more tricky. Here we will look at some tips to help you come up with great digital designs for your printed banners, for your embroidered hats or for your custom t shirts.

Use the Right Software

The right software can help in many ways to let you create the designs you want. Using Photo Shop for instance will give you access to a large number of special effects so that you can alter the colours of your images or the resolutions or apply your own 'filters' to create blur effects and sepia looks. Alternatively if you want to make some 3D art for your printed stickers and custom hats then you might want to use some 3D modelling software such as blender or Rhino 3D.

Get a Graphics Tablet

If you're good at drawing by hand this unfortunately won't always be much use for making your designs simply because there will be no way they can be uploaded for your custom banners etc. However a way around this is to use a graphics tablet which will allow you to draw straight into your software using a stylus and so essentially create the very same detail and style in your digital images.

Use Photos

If you don't have the drawing skills then you can make something just as attractive by taking photos and this is a great way to make something unique such as a printed t shirt. However at the same time you can also then use these photos to work with to create your images in other ways. For instance you can use a photo as a back drop for a hand drawn image, or you can use it as a texture in a 3D render.

Use High Resolution

When you make your custom images it's important to make sure that you make them high definition. This is what will make your image look professional and otherwise, and when it's blown up to go on custom banners a bit of grainy-ness can be very obvious.

Be Stylistically Simple

Your designs don't have to be highly detailed 3D images, and if you're trying to sketch a landscape of Paris then it's no wonder you're having difficulties. Look at the Nike tick - all it is is well, a tick, but it's been a huge hit. There's no reason you can accomplish the same.

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