Wood and laminates have gained popularity because

by:Sycda     2020-09-01

Polythene sheeting is also used as underlay but is not as effective as laminate flooring underlay . The latter incorporates a vapor protection barrier to protect against moisture and is 10 times more effective. Another advantage of laminate underlay is that it can make installation easier as it evens out imperfections in the sub floor.

While talking to flooring dealer and installers, most people find themselves at a disadvantage. The experts who deal with laminate flooring underlays everyday know their work and use technical jargon that is Greek to a common man. A good quality laminate underlay is not a luxury. It is a necessity that provides cushioning, eliminates imperfections in subflooring, provides thermal and sound insulation and in some cases, also acts as a moisture barrier. While dealing with the experts those are the areas of information that you need to look into.

Laminate flooring underlays come in rolls and are 6-8mm thick. They are generally 3 feet wide and vary in length. While getting an underlay, ensure that the length of the underlay is as long as the length of the room. This will avoid unnecessary seams. Your laminate floor underlay should also have a vapor and moisture barrier, if it is to be used over a concrete floor.

Do your research well before going shopping for laminate floor underlay . This will help you ask the right questions when you talk with the dealers and installers and also ensure that you get a good deal. Check the specifications yourself or if in doubt, ask the dealer to make sure that the laminate underlay will meet your needs.

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