Yeast infections are caused by a naturally occurring fungus

by:Sycda     2020-10-02

Tea tree oil has a long history of healing and is a highly effective douche as a yeast infection treatment but you must remember that it has to be diluted before applying to the body. Never apply full strength tea tree oil to the vaginal area. Add a few drops of tea tree oil onto a tampon or sterile gauze; apply on to the affected area at every 4 to 6 hours interval.

Vaginal yeast infections may be cured with preparations such as Monostat 7, or the generic equivalent, by inserting an applicator filled with the cream into the vagina at night for seven nights. It is important to ensure the yeast infection is completely gone, as yeast multiplies quickly given the ideal environment in which to thrive, and may infect other body parts, including the brain, if left untreated. Prescription medicine is available at the doctor's office to cure stubborn yeast infections.

Although it may come as sticky and uncomfortable for most women who try it, they have discovered the wonders of using honey in yeast infections. All you need to prepare is one cup of honey to be applied on the affected areas of the vaginal infection. You will delight at how wonderful these yeast infection home cures can be.

Another yogurt based home remedy is consuming yogurt in your diet. The bacterial infection can be controlled as yogurt is known for treating Candida infection. Also, yogurt can be included in a diet or a bacterial infection diet to help control the infection. Yogurt can be consumed in the form of butter milk, which is easier to consume and offers the same remedial benefits.

The bacteria thrive on sugar in the diet and therefore eliminating sugar from one's diet becomes extremely important. It is not merely the plain sugar that we talk of here but all forms of sugar that act as main ingredients in flavored foods. There is a profusion of those in processed foods as well as in substances like syrups, dates, honey, fructose, lactose and several others. It is important to not only keep a close check on the actual sugar that you consume but also on the other foods that may have high sugar levels. For this, you'll need to read the labels of all the foods before you consume them.

An aspect of a yeast infection that is not widely known among sufferers is a 'leaky gut' where the fungus has actually penetrated the walls. Cinnamon can help to heal the wall tissue because of it's astringent properties. Make an infusion with cinnamon bark plus some ginger slices and lemon, and / or, sprinkle cinnamon spice powder over rice or even porridge.

Yeast infections, and similar ones like athlete's foot and ringworm, can be successfully treated with generic antifungal cream--even though commercials from various media outlets tout expensive lotions, potions and powders, which actually serve the same purpose. Wash and carefully dry the affected area every day to keep yeast spore activity to a bare minimum.

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