You want to make your friends gasp and be impressed

by:Sycda     2020-09-11

Still the preserve of the better informed interior designer and those lucky few that happened to stumble across this secretive world, wall stickers offer huge interior design effects for a very modest outlay. It still surprises me to find that relatively few people know about wall stickers, they have been available for a good many years now and are hugely popular in France. A good number of firms based in the UK offer a huge array of designs online but try and find them in the high street and you're likely to be disappointed.

Retailers tend to be a conservative lot and are reluctant to take the plunge and stock something innovative if no one else will. Somebody has to be the first! Look at cheese string! Other excuses offered by timid shopkeepers include the shoplifting risk, no easy display method, low profit per square foot, too cheap, too dear, doesn't fit in with existing range, please get out of my shop. Pah! It's no wonder there are still homes out there papered in woodchip. So wall stickers remain a marginal product known only to the elect.

They're missing out, the majority, no other interior design solution can compare to wall stickers, they are easy to apply (I've put them up drunk) last forever (so far) inexpensive in relation to the impact they provide and compared to wallpaper don't require the removal of furniture and carpets to install. When you've had enough of that silhouetted forest in your sitting room you just peel it off, leaving the paint behind, and it leaves you ready for the flock of birds or stags head.

Having spoken to many people who've bought and applied wall stickers in their homes or for clients in a wide range of commercial settings the response is always the same. They look fantastic, they went up in no time and everyone who sees them is suitably impressed.

You could be the next person doing the impressing. I think you should.

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