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How do I use computer paper

How do I use computer paper


Computer printing paper features two sides with holes, when we get a box of computer printing paper, how to use.

When we get the computer printing paper, we should check the package to see if there is any breakage or leakage of the paper.If there is leakage of paper, should see whether the paper is wrinkled, yellow and other problems affecting the use.

2, if the paper is not damaged, check the front and back of the paper.If there are multiple layers of paper, forcibly delimit paper, the next layer of paper color is the front;If there is only one layer of paper, should be a smooth side as the front

3, printing such as continuous printing into paper, should be the paper on both sides of the hole from the back of the needle printer lock into paper, should advance a piece of paper lock and then exit a little paper.If you need to print one by one, tear off the computer printing paper, in front of the needle printer flat advance, you can print, pay attention not to put crooked.Above print operation, want paper face up.

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