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Self-adhesive label features advantages and points for attention

Self-adhesive label features advantages and points for attention


It has the advantages of no brush glue, no paste, no dip in water, no pollution, save time for labeling, etc. All kinds of self-adhesive label paper can be used in a normal paper label is not up to the material, it can be said that the non-drying label is an all-purpose label, the non-drying label printing compared with the traditional printed matter printing has the very big difference, the non-drying label is usually printed on the label linkage processing, the process one more time to complete, such as graphic printing, die cutting, waste, cutting Zhang Hefu volume, etc.

Matters needing attention

(1) according to the type of the labeled object, grade, quality, paste surface characteristics, use environment and user requirements, such as comprehensive consideration.If want to use transparent good polypropylene sticker label paper made of labels affixed to the transparent bottle body can produce no label fashion feeling, can improve the grade of goods, stimulate the desire of consumers to buy.And the flexibility of PVC film, shrinkage, impervious to light, processing characteristics and labeling characteristics are very good, and bright color, with promotional goods.

The film type sticker paper surface must be smooth and dense, uniform density, color consistent, good light transmittance, in order to ensure the film ink evenly, the same batch of printing color difference.

The thickness of the sticker should be uniform, the strength index should be qualified.The printing pressure applied in the printing process is related to the thickness of the adhesive, if the thickness is uneven, the printing pressure is also uneven, will lead to the label print handwriting or ink has a light.If the film strength is too bad, the film tension in the printing process is difficult to control, will have a great impact on die cutting and waste disposal.

And sticker paper to level off some, rewinding tension to be uniform.The flatness is good, only when printing the correct transmission, operation, alignment and rewinding.Film rewinding tension to be uniform and appropriate, such as the tension is too small, film substrate relaxation, vertical and horizontal overprinter is not allowed;If the tension is too large, the substrate transverse contraction, the color is not stable, it is difficult to print normally.

Film type adhesive label paper also has corrosion resistance, aging resistance, not fade, shrinkage, expansion ratio small characteristics.Such as corrosion resistance is poor, easy to aging, fading, made of the label is not durable, will also affect the sale of goods and use.If the ratio of shrinkage and expansion is large, it will not only affect the printing overprint accuracy, but also make the label in the use of distortion, affecting the sale and use of goods.Especially the label of high-grade goods, should try to avoid the goods not expired, and the label has been aging embarrassing situation (label aging including plastic aging and ink fading reasons).When necessary, plastics or labels should be tested for aging resistance to test their performance.

Choose and buy sticker labels also want to be in the effective period, to maintain a good viscosity

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