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Introduce the advantages of thermal paper printing

Introduce the advantages of thermal paper printing


Thermosensitive paper is printed by heating it to a ribbon and then melting it into a label material ink embossing pin. Ink with wax and base material to prevent the spread of fire.The spread of ink is prevented by a wax.Then, the actual absorption into the ink label material, and permanent setting.Once absorbed into the label material the ink is absorbed.As a result, the thermal transfer printing process and resulting label have more longevity and durability.Thermal transfer printers have the advantage of printing on paper, film, or even foil substrates. 

In hot label printing, the thermal printer head is responsible for applying a hot ribbon, which melts ink on the material to form an image.Thermal printing provides low maintenance and easy to print capability.This method provides image quality and durability for on demand printing technology.Thermal labels are generally useful for product identification, circuit board labels, asset labels and inventory identification.Thermal transfer printers are commonly used to create price registers, bar codes, and other labels.Price tags, bar code labels, and many printing methods with thermal transfer labels involve creating heat to activate specific paper inks for embedded text and images.This is done by using hot images and text to transfer to specific files.Thermal printer print head consists of a, a ribbon, thermal paper cots and rollers.A print head, ribbon, thermosensitive paper, and rollers constitute a thermosensitive printer.The thermosensitive printer print head has many feet of resistance heated to melt paper into the ink of the bank ATM roll paper.From the thermal printer print head heat melt to the foot of the contact ink paper. 

There are two main types of thermal printing hot wax transfer and direct heat transfer.The two most common types of heat sensitive printing are hot wax transfer and direct heat transfer.The heat transfer printing process USES a fierce ribbon to print characters or images to specialized heat conducting materials.One of the methods by which a ribbon is used to heat a printed character or an image of a specially conductive material is a heat transfer printer.Instead, direct thermosensitive printing does not require the use of the ribbon and the image is printed with the correct label material.However, directly hot print the ribbon and do not use the image to print directly to the label.

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