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SYCDA adhesive label application scenarios

SYCDA adhesive label application scenarios


SYCDA adhesive label application scenarios

Adhesive labels are becoming more and more universal in our life.

Here are the common scenes to demonstrate

1.Supermarkets and retailing systems

The labels are used to indicate commodity descriptions including retailing price,weight or volume,production date,place of origin and so on.With the application of labels,the sellers will be more efficient in making inventory and doing item classifications.Also the customers will be more easily aware of necessary information aboutthe commodities.

2.Industrial marks and rating plates

In manufacturing industry,adhesive labels such as certificate of approval are often tagged when an industrial product is tested qualified.Another application is rating plate which contains necessary working conditions and technical parameters.These adhesive labels are playing much important roles.

3.Hospitals and Laboratories

When we are doing body check in the hospital,the doctors will mark different labels containing your pertinent information.Thus,you will be able to discriminate yourselves from others and discriminate one test item from another.

In laboratories,thousands of chemicals or solutions are named and classified by adhesive labels in case that they won’t be mistaken.

4.Warehousing and logistics

Adhesive labels are widely used as waybill or warning signs in logistics field.A waybill label carries necessary sending and receiving information will facilitate the transit of parcels. Warning sign labels will draw the attention to the handlers to be more cautious of dangerous or inappropriate operations.

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