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Is carbonless paper paper really carbon-free

Is carbonless paper paper really carbon-free


carbonless paper printing paper with carbon copy function.You must be wondering, what does carbon-free mean?Is there no carbon?

Here to understand the processing of carbon - free printing paper, coating paper.Coating paper paper has color agent and contain force sensitive pigment oil particles, the combination of the two will develop color.The appearance of coating paper let us bid farewell to the past carbon paper easy to get dirty place era, coating paper appearance and ordinary paper is the same, even if it will show color, also won't get dirty place.

Previous carbon paper, coated with a thick layer of ink, pad in the middle of two ordinary paper, you can copy, but the ink is easy to fall off, the ink will be touched everywhere.Coating paper is perfect to avoid the above problems, because it has no ink surface, only chromogenic agent and pigment oil particles containing force sensitive, with coating paper processing printing paper is carbon-free printing paper, carbon-free refers to the meaning of no ink.

It is wrong to say that carbon-free printing paper is carbon-free. The composition of paper contains carbon.

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