So you have in your hands a pair of concert tickets

by:Sycda     2020-09-05

You are very right and have every right to be skeptical. The question now, however, is how to identify for yourself whether what you have are authentic. Read on to know exactly how.

The following are a few of the things that an authentic ticket ought to have. You may not be able to find all of them, however, in your ticket as designs also vary. Likewise, some ticket designs might have other security features that are unique to them and may not be included here.

Appearance. For physical tickets one of the first things that you can check is the quality of the paper. Most tickets should have a sturdy feel and glossiness about them. Keep in mind that the degree of glossiness can vary for each event. Overall, the quality and texture should not look cheap.

Take a good look at the print quality of the characters, the bar code and artwork (if any) as well. They should not look smudgy, edited, cheap and sloppy.

Some tickets have a watermark or a hologram which should look professionally done. Use black light to see the watermark or hologram better (look both sides). If, again, they look cheap, or are not there when you know they should be, the ticket is likely not authentic.

If you are able to get your hands on an authentic ticket, lay it and the one under suspicion side by side. Compare the paper material, colors, position of words and artwork, quality of print and appearance of the watermark and/or hologram (if applicable).

Information. Check for mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation of everything, including URL's. A URL, for example, should never a space in it. Scrutinize carefully and double-check or triple-check if you must because a lot of folks are not able to spot mistakes straight away.

The bar code, again, should look professional and not thrown together. For the serial number, you may want to to do some research for any distinguishing patterns. Contact the official distributor to be extra sure.

Additionally, you should insist on getting a copy of the receipt of the original buyer's purchase. This serves as proof that they actually purchased the tickets themselves.

So now you are sure that you what you have are indeed authentic. To have peace the next time you purchase concert tickets, go for authorized and trusted sellers and distributors. That way, you are assured that the tickets you will be getting are genuine. If you do get invalid tickets from them-which is rare-they can replace them straight away, or give you a refund or credit on your future purchases.

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