When it's time to clean your home, it is important

by:Sycda     2020-09-15

Before purchasing any supplies, it is important to read the label first. Not only will the label give you a description of what it will do, but will also advise what the product can be used on as well as the ingredients and any precautions that the end user should take. Keep in mind that 'all purpose' doesn't mean it that it will get every job done. If ammonia is a key ingredient in a particular product, it should not be used on laminate or plastic surfaces. For general cleaning, strong cleaners are overqualified and a basic soap and water mixture will be sufficient.

Regardless if the intended cleaning jobs are for spring cleaning or everyday cleaning, having the essential cleaning supplies on hand will help get the necessary tasks completed in no time. Determine exactly what type of cleaning you will be doing and then gather together everything you need. Don't forget to wear comfortable clothes and gloves too.

What is the most common of the essential cleaning supplies? The answer would probably be clean rags. Rags can be used dry, damp or wet and can dust, wipe baseboards or clean fixtures. Rags can be made from old t-shirts or socks and are washable and reusable. When dusting with a rag, start at the ceiling and begin grabbing all of the cobwebs from corners; then move to the light fixtures and the ceiling fan, and then continue on working your way down towards the floor. Turn and shake out the rag every so often, and if it gets too dirty, it won't pick up any dust, so toss it into the laundry and grab a new rag. Rags also work great to apply furniture polish or for a quick wipe down of doors and walls.

Another one of the more popular of the essential cleaning supplies is a window washing liquid. There are a number of brands that claim to be streak free. If you choose a brand that is less expensive, use newspaper, paper coffee filters or a brown paper bag to wipe the glass instead of paper towels. Not only are you recycling, but saving money at the same time.

Anti-bacterial sprays and products specifically designed to do a certain job are also good essential cleaning supplies to have on hand. However, just because these products are on the market doesn't mean that you should use them; especially if you already have products that get the job done. Although, a product to remove mildew and soap scum would be a specific product to have on hand.

The floor should always be the last to be cleaned. The floor should first be swept or vacuumed and then mopped. A mop and bucket, a new quick mop or if the floor area is small then a quick wipe down with a rag and soapy water will also do the trick.

Keep your essential cleaning supplies in one area and preferably out of reach from small children and pets. A small carrier or bucket can hold the items as well as make it convenient to carry them from room to room. Keep your supplies to a minimum as this will make choosing the right supply easier and quicker which will get the job done sooner so you can go do what you really want to do.

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