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Barcode labeling has been around for decades and

by:Sycda     2020-08-29

Uses of Barcode Labeling

Barcode labeling is being used all over the world as it helps the tracking of the merchandise easy.

Some cinemas and sport arenas issue bar-coded tickets that will enable someone to enter those premises. It also becomes easy to spot duplicated tickets.

It is also used in hospitals to help identify patients and staff. It mostly applies when one is trying to access a patient's data or medical history.

Some organizations use barcode labeling to determine the amount of hours one spends in the work place. The employees scan their work orders in the control application software. They are read at a high speed enabling scanning of thousands of products within seconds but it will depend on the type of scanner you are using.

Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners were made from a fixed light and a photo sensor that has been manually scrubbed on the barcode. There are three types of barcode scanners, based on how they connect to the computer.

The RS-232 scanner has to be programmed in order to transfer the data to the application software. This is the oldest type of scanner.

The keyboard interface scanners connect using an AT keyboard compatible cable. The data input is done using the keyboard where it is sent to the computer exactly as it has been typed.

USB scanners connect to the computer using a USB cable. They are easy to install.

Barcode Printers

Barcode printers are used to print barcode labels which are later attached to objects. Some barcode printers use print-heads to generate heat that will trigger a chemical reaction in a paper that will turn black. These types of printers are called the direct thermal printers. There are also those that uses the heat to melt a waxy ribbon that will then transfer the heat to the paper. They are referred to as the thermal printers. Direct thermal printers are less expensive, but the labels become unreadable once they are exposed to heat.

Barcode labeling has its own benefits. Goods which are being bought fast can be identified and ordered immediately. Slow selling goods can also be identified preventing the shop owner from ordering more. Once these records have been mastered, they can be used to predict recurring fluctuations of certain goods. Apart from sales, labeling using barcodes can be used to uniquely identify goods by assigning a unique number to the goods. The owner of the goods can use the number to track the goods and know their exact location. If the goods are being shipped, the label can be scanned and provide the owners information where they are informed of the arrival.

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