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Barcodes are optical symbols that can be read by machines

by:Sycda     2020-09-22

A barcode provides items with their own identity. Generating legible and consistent barcodes is imperative to label your products properly. A barcode generator is an application that helps in generating professional looking barcodes and also printing them in the format that you desire. The hassle free mode of barcode generation offered by a barcode generator has made it extremely popular in the commercial world. These are easily and cheaply available on the internet. The software of a barcode generator is compatible with almost all versions of operating systems. Windows XP. Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 2010 and all other Windows operating systems can support the barcode generator application.

A barcode can be either consistent across items or it can be sequential. The barcode generator allows data to be imported from text applications like MS Excel. Thus, the hassle of entering each serial for barcode generation is not present, just input the required series via the text file. Once the barcodes are generated they can be further modified and customized as per your requirements. This is possible due to the export feature present in barcode generators. This facility allows for all the generated barcodes to be exported to a text application where you can individually work on them. Once the editing is complete they can be re-imported into the generator for the final printing.

The actual printing of barcodes on to a paper is again a highly versatile operation. The prints can be done using various alignments, these include the auto, manual and a number of templates that are pre-programmed like the Avery, Apli etc. The layout of the labels can also be changed to accommodate printing on smaller surfaces or other challenging layouts like a wrist band or badges. The barcode font to be used is dependent on the data that you need printed. There are as many as 35 fonts to be chosen from; it is important to decide the design of barcodes prior to the actual generation so that you can come up with barcodes that suit your requirements exactly. It is also possible to print multiple barcodes on the same page.

Considering the variety of options on offer the complete understanding of the application for generating barcodes is a must. Several barcode videos are available on the net that guide you through the whole process for generating barcodes. Perusing these once before you actually start with the barcode generation is a good idea as they would empower you to make the most of all the features offered.

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